Joe Grine, Madoo, Joe Gibbs Discomix Showcase Vol 1

Ruddy Thomas & Trinity – Feeling Soul
Marcia Aitken & Trinity – My Man / Blouse And Skirt
Dennis Brown & Prince Mohammed – How Can I Leave / Bubbling Love
The Mighty Diamonds & Ranking Joe – Just Like A River
Enos McLeod & Killer Brown – Hello Carol / Yapa Yah
Leo Graham & I Roy – A Win Them / News Carrier
George Nooks & Welton Irie – Riding For A Fall / One A Yuh Girlfriend
Madoo & Kojak – Yuh Jamming So / Green Bay Killing
Beverly Bailey & I Roy – I Was In Love / I Pray Thee
Junior Murvin, Welton Irie, Prince Weedy – Cool Out Son / Nice Up Party
Michael Black & Ranking Joe – Natty Contractor / Drunken Master


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