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琪琪之家 Kiki's Delivery Service . Just another 全长曲目 附带歌词 免费。 WordPress.com weblog Dub Reggae 的 Bass 和 Vocal 部分。

Jah Shaka-Live Session

Disciples Dub, Willie Williams-Unification, One By One,
Icho Candy-Slavery, Love Rastafari

Gregory Isaacs-No Footstool, Augustus Pablo-Slave Masters Execution, Glen Brown-No More Slavery

Burning Spear-Slavery Days,
Jack Ruby-Slavery Days Dub,
Joe Higgs-No More Slavery,
Joe Higgs-More Slavery (Dub Version)

Yami Bolo, Marcus Garvey, Sky High, Mau Mau-Garvey Chant, Marcus Garvey Chant

Yami Bolo – Wadat 1984

Archive for Yami Bolo

Nikesha Lindo – I Could Be The One

Nikesha Lindo – I Could Be The One

Small Change – Kashief & Nikesha Lindo

Nikisha Lindo – Love On The Replay

Kashief Lindo – Searching

Archive for Willie Lindo
Archive for Lovers

Willie Lindo – Midnight (Instrumental)

Willie Lindo – One Drop

Willie Lindo – Tune In

Gregory Isaacs – Tune In

Willie Lindo & The Charmers’ Band Drum Song

willie lindo – Charmers Mood

Archive for Instrumental

Errol Shorter – Push Baby Push

Various Artists – Whole New Generation of DJ


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